A Healthy Dose of Our Best Selling Supplements of 2016

WellnessVitaminsA Healthy Dose of Our Best Selling Supplements of 2016

A Healthy Dose of Our Best Selling Supplements of 2016

We’ve all been told that a multi a day keeps the doctor away (or a variation of that), but there’s so much more to pick from than just multivitamins when it comes to your optimal health. From vitamin D to biotin for your hair and nails, we scoured the site and found our top-selling items as chosen by you! All of these come with healthy benefits that make you feel better and stronger. Here’s what they are:

Vitamin D for Baby

Baby Ddrops

By far, one of the best selling vitamins this year was Vitamin D for baby! Living under the winter cold for a generous amount of time deprives you of the natural Vitamin D from the sunshine. So, it’s important to keep you and baby’s energy and mood up with a dose of Vitamin D.





Healthy gut, healthy life was one of the main mantras this year. And the idea of pumping your gut and digestion with healthy bacteria resonated with a lot of people who were tired of feeling moody and bloated from their digestive issues. Probiotics are known to help with increasing the amount of healthy gut bacteria in the gut allowing for healthier digestion of food.  And that just adds to the enjoyment of life!



New Chapter Turmeric Force

Turmeric and its active ingredient, Curcumin came to the forefront of the healthy food supplements. Why? Well, it’s one of the most studied botanicals in modern science, according to New Chapter and helps reduce inflammation in the body.

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