8 BIPOC-Owned Brands We Can’t Get Enough of

Wellness8 BIPOC-Owned Brands We Can’t Get Enough of

8 BIPOC-Owned Brands We Can’t Get Enough of

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We’ve been doing a lot of learning recently. Learning about the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) community, about their perspectives and the issues that they face, what we can do to support them. We’ve learned that support can look like many things: attending a rally, signing a petition, and shopping BIPOC-owned brands.

There are many reasons why it’s important to shop BIPOC-owned brands, and its past time we give them love. Not because it’s trendy, but because they’re amazing. Not sure where to start? Check out some of our favourite BIPOC owned brands!

Peace Collective

Founded by Yanal Dhailieh in 2014, this Toronto-based lifestyle brand is more than just a place to buy your next fresh ‘fit. Peace Collective puts homegrown pride at the heart of everything they do, not only with their popular “Home Is Canada” shirts, but also through the social mission that’s the heartbeat of the brand. For each item purchased, Peace Collective provides five school meals to a child in need, with an overall goal to provide 10,000 meals for a full year by the year 2030. Basically, any way you look at it, this is a brand you want to take note of!

Shea Moisture

As pioneers for fair trade personal care products, Shea Moisture shares a wealth of gorgeous goodies that will leave your hair and skin feeling fresh and fierce.

But ingredients aside, my favourite aspect of this brand is their role as an advocate for inclusivity within the personal care space. Anyone with non-straight hair will tell you that access to quality hair products is not always an option. Shea Moisture makes access not only an option, but a pillar at the core of what they do. While maintaining a list of powerhouse ingredients, Shea Moisture beams representation for an entire community of hair types that are often ignored by other brands.

Skin is Skin

This multi-tasking lip balm is on a dual mission both to hydrate your lips and to end racial discrimination, one tube at a time. Each individual lip balm has a reminder in its name to inspire your attitude and perspective, and to promote a world free of racial discrimination and prejudice. Whether it’s “Coconut & Love”, “Mint & Curiosity”, or “Anise & Empathy”, this little tube packs a powerful affirmation with each use!

The love doesn’t stop there. For every sale of Skin is Skin balm, 50% of proceeds are donated to organizations working to end discrimination!

Ellie Bianca Beauty

Kind to your skin. Kind to the Earth. Kind to women.

As a Canadian, all-natural, luxury skin care line, Ellie Bianca Beauty knows that beauty isn’t only skin deep, that’s just where it starts. True beauty lies in how you treat others (and this includes the planet!), which is why they keep sustainability, preservation, and female empowerment at the forefront of everything they do. The brand is committed to sustainable sourcing, packaging, distributing, and everything in between, while supporting women through business and education in order to ensure the beauty of their business is full circle.

Suku Vitamins

Welcome to your one stop shop for all things beauty, wellness, and yummy! This line of gummy vitamins founded by Ju Young Yoo has got your wellness routine covered from head to toe…literally.

With supplements designed to help you get a good night’s sleep, support healthy hair and nail growth, or even melt your stress away, Suku vitamins and supplements are here to get you feeling like your best self. And even better, all this goodness is delivered to you in a cute, colourful, delicious, and easy to swallow gummy. Yummy!


Made with love for littles since 2011.

Goumikids was founded by two highschool friends who wanted to lend a helping hand (well, a mitten) to all the hard-working mamas out there. Starting with their stay-on smart mitt, and with everything that’s come since, Goumikids’ inclusive lines of baby gear are supporting mamas and babies everywhere through your little’s big changes. The best part? While they work hard to support your lovely little, they’re doing their part to support littles everywhere by donating 10% of proceeds to communities in need!

Snack Simple

Aside from being the tastiest brand on this list, Snack Simple is single handedly changing the narrative that a muffin is just an ugly cupcake.

That’s right, muffins can be cute too! Not to mention absolutely delicious, especially when they’re made with organic, local ingredients and free of preservatives and trans fats. And the cherry on top? Well, it’s not an actual cherry, but these muffins do come packed in containers made from recycled paper! Maybe not the same thing as a cherry, but definitely something I can get on board with.


Founded by Mi’kmaq native Tim “Redfeather” Thomas in 2006, Redfeather Natural Products is committed to bringing the most effective over the counter, all-natural pain relief products to Canadian consumers.  Driven by compassion and integrity, Redfeather strives each day to offer respite to those who are suffering from chronic or temporary aches and pains.

Which BIPOC brand will you be trying?


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