6 Ways to Boost Your Kid’s Immunity This Cold & Flu Season

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6 Ways to Boost Your Kid’s Immunity This Cold & Flu Season

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Helping your children stay healthy can seem overwhelming, and it is! To help, we’ve put together simple guidelines to help your kids stay healthy all year long!

  1. Make sure they eat lots of fruits and veggies!  They have antioxidants that the body needs to fight off bugs.
  2. Most young children need at least ten hours of sleep every night. Sleepis necessary to keep immune systems strong.
  3. Make sure your children know to keep their hands away from their face! In most cases, the flu virus enters the body through the eyes, nose, or mouth.
  4. Let your children play outside whenever possible. Fresh air and exercise strengthens muscles, children sleep better after being active, and exposure to sunlight increases important Vitamin D production.
  5. Hydrate! Drinking more water enables your immune system to function better and fight off bacteria and viruses.
  6. Add proven, natural remedies to your child’s daily routine. The therapeutic benefits of Echinaforce in the treatment of colds and flus is well known. Clinical studies attest to the product’s quality, tolerance, and effectiveness. Echinaforce Junior is designed for children ages 2+ and comes in chewable orange tasting tablet form. A recent studyproved Echinaforce Junior tablets, which contain an extract from fresh Echinacea purpurea, can successfully prevent respiratory tract infections and related complications (such as sinusitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia). This new research shows that Echinaforce Junior reduces symptoms, duration, and complication risk by 65% and cuts the need for antibiotics by 76%! Earlier research in 2012, on the same type of Echinacea, proved that it was safe to take up to four months and that if taken preventively, it can strengthen your little ones’ immune systems and help avert colds or flu by over 50%!

What are the ways you’re protecting your kids during the cold and flu season?

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Written by: Krista Halton

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