5 WAYS to use WITCH HAZEL | #5things5WAYS

BeautySkin Care5 WAYS to use WITCH HAZEL | #5things5WAYS
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What is witch hazel and why is it a best seller at Well.ca? Seanna Cohen, Holistic Skin Care Therapist, takes us through her top 5 ways to use witch hazel.

Remember to look for distilled witch hazel (alcohol-free) like Earthwise Natural Witch Hazel Distillate.

Seanna’s 5 Ways to Use Witch Hazel:

  1. Use as a toner for acne prone & oily skin
  2. Use to relieve any itchiness from insect bites
  3. Use to reduce any under eye puffiiness
  4. Use to create your own face wipes
  5. Use to fight any nail infections

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