5 WAYS to use COCONUT OIL | #5things5WAYS

Food5 WAYS to use COCONUT OIL | #5things5WAYS
5 ways to use coconut oil

There’s a reason coconut oil is sold in large tubs – it’s super easy to use it all up! Sarah, Marketing Specialist here at Well.ca, takes us through her top 5 ways to use coconut oil.

Sarah’s fave coconut oil: Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Sarah’s 5 Ways:

  1. Use in cooking, healthy alternative to olive oil
  2. Use to create an overnight hair mask, rinse well in the morning!
  3. Use as a body moisturizer, nourishes skin & smells great!
  4. Use as a natural makeup remover, no chemicals needed.
  5. Use as a lip-balm to get super soft lips.

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