5 Tips to Energize Your Day

Wellness5 Tips to Energize Your Day

5 Tips to Energize Your Day

Do you find yourself asking “why am I so tired” or googling solutions to increase your energy? While looking online you’ll quickly find you’re in good company, but really – do you want to be?

Most people, whether in Canada or the United States, are waking up or feeling tired throughout their day. There are solutions: let’s start with the top 5:

1. Short on B Vitamins

B Vitamins are your energy converters; they take the food we eat and break it down into energy for our bodies. B vitamins need to be replenished daily, and a high quality, plant fibre time release supplement will make a difference. Many people only take single B vitamins like a B12 when we should take them as a B-Complex or with a multivitamin. B vitamins work as a family and support the body, and when we carry extra weight, feel stressed, drink alcohol or participate in exercise our body requires more of them. By taking a quality, high potency, B60 Complex you can add energy and bounce to your day. B60 Complete + C 600 mg is ideal for your daily foundation for energy.

2. Dehydrated

The majority of us reach for a coffee to pick up our energy when water is nature’s replenisher. Start the day with a glass of water and consider adding slices of lemon or lime for additional vitamin C. The body is dehydrated when we wake up so make this simple change a part of your day.

3. Iron Deficient

A large portion of women are iron deficient – especially during our menstruating years, or for people who are vegetarians or vegans. When the body is short on iron, the blood cannot carry oxygen to the cells including our brain and muscles. This leaves you feeling fatigued, have trouble concentrating and even short on breath. A high-level iron supplement (45 mg) with co-factors (B12, vitamin C, folic acid) will help increase your body’s iron or ferritin levels. Use iron bisglycinate as it reduces stomach irritation and constipation to gain the positive effects of iron supplementation. Spirulina is clinically proven to pull iron into the cells and is in the Award Winning Power Iron + Organic Spirulina – 2017 Clean Choice Award: Top Energy Supplement.

4. Sleep

Studies show 7 hours of sleep are required for the majority of people to help repair the body and to support normal metabolism. Great ways to improve sleep include turning off phones and TVs 30 minutes before bed and taking a natural, all herbal sleep aid to relax the mind, nervous system and body. Most of us carry tension from the day in our muscles leading to a restless sleep or grinding teeth. By taking a herbal sleep aid with crampbark, a natural muscle relaxant, you’ll find yourself sleeping longer and deeper and feeling energized to start your day.

5. Not Absorbing Nutrients

During the rush of our day, we don’t always stop to think if the nutrients from our foods are absorbing into and supporting our body. Taking probiotics are a great way to add good bacteria but what about the bad bacteria and inflammation in our gut causing bloating and can lead to low absorption of the good foods we are eating? This is an opportunity to boost energy. Add Digest+ with goldenseal into your daily routine to break down inflammation and stimulate digestion. Take with each meal and start to notice an improvement in your digestion.

Incorporating New Vitamins and Supplements into Your Day

Look for Canadian made, vegan products including Award Winning VITALITY to help you feel your best and boost energy. We recommend starting one supplement at a time for 10-14 days before incorporating the next one so you can feel the difference each supplement is making and allow your body to make gradual changes for your best energy and health!

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