5 Surprising Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Beer

Food5 Surprising Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Beer

5 Surprising Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Beer

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While non-alcoholic beer may have been nonexistent ten years ago (besides the tried and true O’Douls), today it’s more popular than ever.

This is partly because younger people are skipping the alcohol and focusing on their health and because of the new, delicious, wellness-focused options available. Let’s talk about the health benefits of non-alcoholic beer!

1.    Non-Alcoholic Beer Has Fewer Calories

Most alcoholic beers have an average of 150 calories per can, with heavier beers like hazy IPAs and coffee stouts reaching 300 calories. Kick back with a few beers, and you’ve consumed almost ⅓ of your daily calories in one sitting.

The reason for the calories? Alcohol. Most calories contained within alcoholic beverages are almost entirely due to the alcohol content.

By taking out the alcohol from beer, calorie content is greatly reduced. The Grüvi Non-Alcoholic IPA only contains sixty calories, meaning you can actually kick back, relax, and enjoy your (non-alcoholic) beer.

2.    Non-Alcoholic Beer Provides Hydration

While some active people may drink a beer after a workout, the alcohol can slow down their recovery. Alcohol is a diuretic, so a couple beers can lead to dehydration.

In contrast, non-alcoholic beer contains very little to no alcohol, so the beverage itself helps to aid in hydration. Many non-alcoholic beers also contain natural or added electrolytes, essential for maintaining bodily functions. By choosing non-alcoholic beer, your body will stay hydrated and you’ll avoid a hangover.

3.    Lowers Inflammation

Another benefit of non-alcoholic beer is the impact it can have on the body’s inflammation. New research has found that the presence of phenols can reduce inflammation. One recent study found that phenol-rich diets can lower inflammation and reduce the risk of sickness, and they also contain antiviral properties.

Non-alcoholic beer is packed with these beneficial phenols. In another study, researchers found that marathon runners who drank larger amounts of non-alcoholic beer had reduced risk of upper respiratory infections, as well as reduced white blood cell count, which indicates less inflammation. Consuming non-alcoholic beer can be a great way to add these beneficial phenols to your diet!

4.    Improves Sleep

Ever feel exhausted after a night of drinking? A common misconception is that alcohol helps you get a great night sleep. Alcohol actually impacts sleep on many levels, often disrupting REM cycles and delta activities.

The great news is that non-alcoholic beer has been found to do the opposite of its alcoholic counterpart. A study on nurses found that drinking non-alcoholic beer before bed reduced the time it took for participants to fall asleep, and also reduced how often they tossed and turned during the night. The hops in beer helps increase GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter.

5.    Less Risk

The other amazing thing about consuming non-alcoholic beer is the avoidance of any risk that alcohol poses. Medical professionals have long touted the dangers of alcohol and there are numerous impacts alcohol can have on the body.

By avoiding alcohol, you avoid any of the negative effects it can pose to you and your lifestyle. There is no risk of driving under the influence, of blacking out or getting hungover. You consume less calories, which is great if you are trying to stay on top of any health goals. By choosing non-alcoholic beer, you enjoy the same great taste without any of the repercussion’s alcohol may pose.

Tell us below if you’ve made the switch to non-alcoholic beer!


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