5 Supplements We Should All Be Taking Now That We’re Spending More Time Inside

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5 Supplements We Should All Be Taking Now That We’re Spending More Time Inside

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It seems like the Stay-at-Home message is going to last a bit longer than we anticipated. Regular habits like commuting to the office, heading to the gym, and sticking to our routine eating habits are starting to seem so foreign.

However, spending more time at home has some upsides. More quality time with family, a more relaxed schedule, and more time to tackle new creative projects (or more time to lounge on the couch, we don’t judge!).

As I’m virtually checking in with my patients I’ve noticed some trends. They’re spending lots of time inside, they’re reaching for more snacks, and they’re feeling more stressed about the world around them, all of which is so understandable.The good news is that not only is this temporary, we can still support our health now that we’re spending more time inside.

Digestive Enzyme

While we’re spending more time inside, we’re still busy so we’re eating whatever we can get our hands on.

Unfortunately this can lead to indigestion, gas, and bloating and it isn’t the best way to keep our gut healthy. Adding some digestive support in the form of a digestive enzyme can really make a ton of difference. A capsule with the first few bites of your meal can help improve your body’s natural digestion process. The result? You’ll absorb more nutrients from foods and feel more energized!


Similar to digestive enzymes, a good quality probiotic can help your gut process and make use of the food you eat.

If you’re finding your new at-home schedule is causing changes in your bowel habits, consider a probiotic. Increasing the right types of probiotics in your body can also improve your immune system, mood, and help us maintain a healthy weight. Consider adding an easy-to-digest, dairy-free variety to get started.

 Vitamin D3

When was the last time you went outside?

Like most of us, you’re probably stuck at home and inside, so it’s very unlikely you’re getting enough vitamin D. Also known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is important for healthy bones, immune function, mood, and thyroid support. If you aren’t already taking the daily recommended minimum dosage of 1000IU, consider starting!


I call this mineral ‘nature’s chill pill’. Magnesium is necessary for over 300 enzymatic processes in the body.

While we can get this important mineral from foods like nuts, seeds, and leafy green veggies, our needs increase when we’re under stress. Sitting at your kitchen table all day giving you sore muscles? Try magnesium. Feeling tense due to the current situation? Try magnesium. Have trouble falling or staying asleep? Try magnesium.

One of the best absorbed forms is magnesium glycinate so starting with this type is often your best bet.


This list wouldn’t be complete without a multivitamin. A high quality multivitamin will help fill any nutrient gaps you might be missing. Look out for a clean formula that doesn’t contain added colourings, gluten, or fillers. Aim for capsules if you can for best absorption (since they are easier for your digestive system to break down rather than hard pressed pills or tablets).

There you have it! My list of the top five supplements we can all use right now that we’re spending much more time inside. Let me know what supplements you’ve been taking lately in the comments below.

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