5 Stay-At-Home Sun Care Essentials

Sun Care5 Stay-At-Home Sun Care Essentials

5 Stay-At-Home Sun Care Essentials

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As we continue to stay safe at home, we’re finding new ways to enjoy summer favourites, including our sun care essentials. Follow along as we share our top five stay-at-home sun care essentials, and tell us in the comments what your favourites are!

1.ORIGINS Ginzing SPF 40 Energy Boosting Tinted Moisturizer

For our everyday facial sun care needs, we reach for the ORIGINS Ginzing SPF 40 Tinted Moisturizer. This multi-tasking cream hydrates, energizes, and protects our skin, all while evening our skin tone and giving us a subtle glow that’s perfect for our zoom calls. 

2. St Tropez Ultimate Glow Kit

Even before the pandemic, we reached for St Tropez products to keep us glowing and bronzed without risking major sun damage. Now that we’re staying safe at home we’re a little more appreciative of the brand’s nourishing formulas and long lasting results. 

This ultimate glow kit features a whipped creme mousse and a limited edition applicator mitt co-created by Ashley Graham. The pair delivers a touch-dry feeling within seconds, and a powder soft finished for a streak-free, wearable glow. 

3. COOLA Full Spectrum 360 Sun Silk Drops SPF 30

If you’re anything like us, you’re staring at your screens 24/7. We were probably doing this back in 2019, but it’s definitely gotten worse in 2020 and now, 2021. While we work on that habit, we want to make sure our skin is protected from the blue light that screens emit.

The COOLA Full Spectrum 360 Sun Silk Drops offer protection from the sun and blue light in a lightweight, sheer, and breathable formula. With over seventy percent organic ingredients and a 360 complex that helps reduce the effects of HEV blue light, IR, and pollution, it’s the sun care essential we’ve been waiting for. 

4. CyberDERM Every Morning Sun Whip SPF 30

For those long walks to the grocery store, this mineral, perfectly transparent sunscreen is an essential. Offering light-weight hydration so we don’t feel sticky, but still providing full spectrum protection, we can’t go without it. We especially love that it blends beautifully with a demo-matte finish that’s perfect for all skin types. 

5. Australian Gold After Sun Moisturizer with Hemp Seed Oil

No matter how little time you’ve spent in the sun, an after sun moisturizer is important for helping the skin stay hydrated and protected. We love this Australian Gold After Sun Moisturizer because it’s infused with hemp seed oil, which is full of essential fatty acids and antioxidants, and it has caffeine to energize the skin. It’s also lightweight, so it doesn’t have a greasy after-feel. You can use it as often as needed to keep your summer skin soft and smooth. 

What are your stay-at-home sun care essentials? Let us know in the comments!

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