5 Reasons To Use Cloth Diapers

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5 Reasons To Use Cloth Diapers

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Wondering if making the switch to cloth diapers is right for you and your baby? Here are 5 of our top reasons why you should give them a try!

1) They’re Economical

Using disposable diapers during the diapering years means spending around $3,000 on diapers, and that number can be even higher if you’re using premium diapers. The cost of your cloth diapers will depend on which system you choose to use, but opting to use cloth diapers over disposable will cost you on average $500 – less than 20% of what you’d be spending on disposable diapers. Plus, cloth diapers can be passed down to younger siblings, saving you even more!

2) They’re Better for the Environment

Average babies can use up to 10,000 diapers during the diapering years, and all of those used diapers wind up in landfills. Even when you factor in the water used to wash cloth diapers, using them is still a much more eco-friendly option.

3) They’re Comfortable and Ideal for Sensitive Skin

Cloth diapers are made of soft, breathable fabric, which keeps baby comfy and also allows for better air circulation. And because they’re chemical-free, cloth diapers are a great option for sensitive or allergy-prone skin that can be aggravated by some of the ingredients in disposable diapers. Plus, since it’s easier to tell when cloth diapers are wet, babies will get changed more often which helps reduce the instance of diaper rash.

4) They’re Easier and More Convenient Than You Think

Think cloth diapers are way more work than disposable diapers? Modern cloth diapers are made with snaps or closures that make them easy to put on and take off, and avid users swear that they actually get less diaper blowouts with properly fitted cloth diapers than they did with disposable diapers! You can opt to wash them daily or 2-3 times per week, and even if you decide to wash daily, the extra laundry won’t add more than a few minutes a day to your routine.

5) They’re So Cute!

Gone are the days of plain white fabric fastened with safety pins – today’s cloth diapers are available in a range of fun colours, prints, and patterns, so you can find the perfect style for you and your baby.

So, are you convinced? Check out our Cloth Diaper Shop for more cloth diapering inspiration and to figure out which cloth diapering system is right for you, and get started setting up your cloth diaper layette with our Cloth Diapering 101 Guide!

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