5 More Reasons to Drink Tea

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5 More Reasons to Drink Tea

Last year, we gave you 5 great reasons to drink more tea. And since it’s the middle of winter, we thought that there was no better time to give you 5 more reasons why at Well.ca, we love tea!

  1. Increase exercise endurance. The antioxidants in green tea especially help with muscle endurance, triggering the body to burn fat as fuel when you’re in the midst of a workout.
  2. Take a self-care moment. If your 2017 has been hectic so far, tea might be a habit that you’ll want to pick up. Brewing and sipping a cup of tea can become a daily self-care ritual!
  3. Helps support a healthy immune system. Tea also contains compounds called catechins that may help you avoid your next cold! Because of these compounds, the immune systems of tea drinkers versus coffee drinkers have been shown in research to be much stronger.
  4. Prevent aging and build strong bones. Because of the vitamins such as E and D that are present in tea, this wonder beverage not only helps with cell antioxidation and regeneration, but also with building bone density.
  5. It’s delicious! Besides having tons of great benefits and being a relaxing ritual, tea is just plain yummy! It comes in so many varieties, whether you’re looking for a full bodied flavour or sometime light that pairs great with a fave healthy snack.


Right now, we’re loving the new loose and bagged teas from Pure Leaf. They’re made from quality ingredients and include tea leaves that are rolled rather than being cut. The result is real, pure tea flavour and unaltered tea leaves! And this black and green tea varieties, there’s something here for every tea drinker.

Are you a tea convert? What’s your fave variety? Let us know in the comments!

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