5 “Mom Hacks” for Every Parent

Family5 “Mom Hacks” for Every Parent

Being a parent is one tough gig! It’s the job that has you working 24/7, 365 days a year for tiny tyrants who never give you any time off. Sure they’re cute and cuddly but man, they are so demanding! With busy schedules, early mornings, late nights and a never-ending chore list, it’s super hard to keep things organized and to keep my family on track. And with the start of the New Year, I’m more committed than ever to keep my “family ship” sailing smoothly.

Here are FIVE sanity-saving “mom hacks” that will help organize your family’s life giving you the opportunity for some much needed TLC!

1. Use Everyday Household Items for Organization


My husband’s old tackle box has recently become my daughter’s new hair accessories kit. Elastics, bobby pins, ribbons, and clips fit neatly into the separated dividers. It’s her one-stop hair-shop.

We’ve also used an over-the-door shoe storage bag to keep our crafting and art supplies organized and transparent for tiny hands.

Repurposing old household items will help de-clutter and organize your home at the same time.

2. Wardrobe Minimalism

So I’m not saying pull a Marie Kondo and rid yourself of everything that doesn’t spark joy in your life. However, simplifying and de-cluttering closets can significantly reduce your laundry pile. Go through wardrobes and let go of things you haven’t worn in over a year – chances are you won’t even miss it!

Try creating a capsule wardrobe for you and the kids – you’ll be super trendy and you’ll avoid spending your entire evening doing laundry.

3. Go Green at Home

Creating your own scented natural cleaning solution is super easy! Vinegar diluted with water goes a long way and can be used to clean sinks, toilets, and floors. Lemon juice is an anti-bacterial agent and baking soda is a natural deodorizer.

You’ll never run out of window cleaner again!

4. Get Your Snack Game On

There’s nothing worse than a hangry toddler. In an instant they can switch from cute and cuddly to two-headed monsters – it’s terrifying! The key to keeping those hangry meltdowns at bay is to have a strong snack game.

Spend some time every week and take stock of your snack inventory. From cut up fruits and veggies to cheese and crackers, to healthy granola bars or energy balls. Make sure you are well stocked and snacks are easily accessible for tiny hands. Keep a few non-perishable snacks in your car for daily daycare pick-ups or the inevitable “stuck in traffic” tantrum.

5. Be Prepared

Kids are kids! And kids are super messy! From sticky hands to diaper explosions, if you’re a parent, there’s a good chance you’ve had to clean up some kind of accident using only what you had. It’s basically Parent Survivor. And the only way to win is to stay a step ahead and be prepared!

Carry wipes and extra diapers/underwear at all times. An extra washable bag also goes a long way! Hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial creams, and band-aids come in super handy for those unexpected scrapes and bruises!

Whether you’re a stay at home parent or a working parent, a parent with a newborn or a parent with a herd of kids, these easy “mom hacks”, tips and tricks may just save your sanity on those hectic, busy days and will ensure you spend time doing the things you love. They may even inspire you to come up with your own hacks to keep family life organized!

Share some of your “hacks” below – we’d love to hear them!

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