5 Game-Changing Bath Tips to Enjoy this Fall

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5 Game-Changing Bath Tips to Enjoy this Fall

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Fall brings cooler temperatures and with them a change in certain habits. It could be switching from iced to hot coffee, replacing t-shirts with cozy sweaters, more soups on the stove, and opting for relaxing baths over quick showers.

There’s something about a hot bath on a cold fall day that has the power to melt away any stress. Below are some of my top ways to have a better soak this season, plus a few healing ingredients to soothe and rejuvenate skin.

  1. Create Ambiance

Turn off that harsh overhead light and opt for candles instead. Their warm, flickering glow creates a comfortable and cozy environment. A long-time personal favourite is Woodlot’s Original Coconut Wax Candle. Not only does it smell like a perfect fall blend of eucalyptus, sandalwood, and sweet orange, it features only natural scents and has a crazy long burn time.

  1. Grab a Bath Pillow

If your neck rests awkwardly on the side of the tub, recline with an inflatable bath pillow for ultimate relaxation. This one is soft but sturdy with suction cups so it stays in place. 

  1. Don’t Go Overboard with the Products

Stick with adding one or two products you really love to your bath. When you start adding bombs, bubbles, AND essential oils, it can become overpowering to your nose and skin. A great combo is to add a soak with mineral-rich salts and an oil for moisture and aroma. I like to keep it simple with pure epsom salts, as they’re affordable, great for achy muscles, and they allow you to add your own scents with other products.

Although it’s designed for babies, Shoosha Baby’s Calm Baby Calendula Oil in French Lavender is the perfect bath oil for anyone. It protects skin from the dehydrating effects of a bath and leaves your body moisturized and smelling like lavender. Personally, I skip the bubbles. Often, they contain chemicals to make them foam and can be very harsh and drying on the skin.

  1. Look for Products with Skin Healing Ingredients

Oats aren’t just good for eating, they offer relief for dry skin, rashes, and many other everyday irritations thanks to their nourishing fat content. Coconut milk is another amazing ingredient to test out. Like oats, it promotes soft skin but also offers antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. Try So Luxury’s Coco Oat Milk Bath made with food-grade ingredients that will both soften and soothe skin.

  1. Save Your Netflix Binge for the Couch

Try keeping tech out of the bath and use the time to disconnect from screens. Instead, read a book or do a short meditation. There aren’t many opportunities in life to do nothing anymore, so enjoy the quiet, reset, and clear your mind.

  1. Fluffy Towels

Nothing reminds me more of a good spa day than an oversized, fluffy towel. I keep a few extra cozy ones in my linen closet especially for baths.

  1. Make it a True Spa Experience

Apply a face mask (this brightening one by Acure and pink clay by Herbivore are all time faves) while you soak and maybe pull out the exfoliating mitt. Full on pamper yourself, because why not?!

I hope you enjoy these game-changing bath tips. Don’t forget to share your tips below!

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