5 Buzz-Worthy Ways to Celebrate Pollinator Week

Wellness5 Buzz-Worthy Ways to Celebrate Pollinator Week

5 Buzz-Worthy Ways to Celebrate Pollinator Week

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Did you know that pollinators are necessary to produce two thirds of the food we consume? Pollinators are the animals that pollinate over 90% of all flowering plants and include bees, butterflies, birds, and more. Pollinators are threatened by habitat loss, disease, and pesticides, leading to drastically declining populations. Pollinator Week, between June 21-27 was created to educate us and celebrate pollinators! Here are some fun ways to celebrate Pollinator Week:


  1. Enjoy a Sweet Treat

Did you know that honey is one of the few known foods with an eternal shelf life? In fact, honey found in Ancient Egyptian tombs is still technically edible! But shelf life will not be a problem with these honey treats, they’re so good they won’t last:

Drizzle Raw Honeycomb – Drizzle is a female-founded Canadian company dedicated to sustainably produced honey. Raw honeycomb is a delicious treat to add to charcuterie boards, cocktails, or even just to eat with a spoon. Check out all of the honey varieties from Drizzle.

Three Foragers Honey Caramels – made by beekeepers in Saskatchewan and British Columbia, these caramels are made with 100% Canadian honey.

Beekeeper’s Naturals Raw Wildflower Honey– Of course we can’t forget the honey itself! Beekeeper’s Naturals works to provide sustainable, pesticide free Canadian honey. Add this raw honey to granola, smoothies, or baked goods, the possibilities are endless!

  1. Discover the Versatility of Beeswax

There’s almost nothing Beeswax can’t do, here are a few of our favourite uses, some of which can help you live a more sustainable life!

Mind Your Bees Food Wrap – Mind Your Bees is a female-founded company creating zero waste beeswax food wraps in Hamilton, Ontario. The brand offers sets of wraps, XL sizes, and even a DIY Kit to make your own.

B Factory Beeswax Modeling Clay– B Factory is a Quebec-based brand offering handmade products from local beeswax. This set is made with beeswax and colour extracts from fruit and vegetables, making it both fun and sustainable.

Honey Candle Pillar Candle – Honey Candles is a family-run business in British Columbia specializing in candles made from locally sourced beeswax. These all-natural beeswax candles are known for their gentle honey scent and long burn time. Check out all of the candle varieties from Honey Candles.

  1. Utilize the Healing Powers of Bee Propolis

Bees create propolis to protect their hives from germs, and this compound was used in ancient civilizations for its medicinal properties. In modern times, bee propolis is used as a natural remedy for sore throats, infections, and to boost immunity through its high content of flavonoids. Bee propolis is available in a variety of formats including spray, capsule, liquid, and lozenges.


  1. Plant a Wildflower Garden

Pollinators face habitat loss as natural landscapes are replaced by roads, buildings, and grass lawns. Planting a wildflower garden provides habitat and fuel to pollinators as they move between plants and migrate. Choose native plants as they are better suited to local wildlife and are less susceptible to disease. Learn more about native plants here.


  1. Make Space for Pollinators

Welcome Pollinators to your garden with the Kikkerland Little Bee House. This house is designed to be a home for solitary bees (not the honeybees that live in hives). Solitary bees won’t pay rent, but they will help the flowers and plants in your garden thrive.





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