4 Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

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4 Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

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Love is in the air! If you’re feeling warm and fuzzy, excited, and a bit panicked, you’re not alone.

Planning the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration is never easy. We always want to do the most for the ones we love, which can end up putting a lot of pressure on the day. This definitely isn’t made easier by having to plan the perfect night…at home.

But don’t worry! There’s still lots of love to go around, and we’ve got you covered with the best at-home celebrations to share with the most special people in your life.

Take a Mixology Class

Whether you’re looking to complement your romantic dinner for two, or elevate your Palentine’s Day Happy Hour, try mixing things up with a custom cocktail class from your kitchen!

Discover the magic of mixology with the special people in your life by taking a virtual lesson from a pro! You can check out your local bartender’s listings, or peruse MasterClass for your digital destination to Flavourtown and a unique V-day you won’t forget! The only question now is, shaken or stirred?

Want the drink without the drinking? Check out some of our yummiest alcohol-alternatives here.

Bring Back Family Game Night

Looking to spend some quality time with all the loves of your life (littles included)? Try celebrating with family game night!

Spending dedicated, uninterrupted time with your family is a great way to say I love you, and honestly who doesn’t love a good board game? Even more, the heart-stopping suspense of a good game of Jenga is sure to bring you and your squad enough excitement to last until next Valentine’s Day!

Looking for your family’s next favourite game? Check out some of our favourites!

Take a Virtual City Tour

Just because we’re staying home doesn’t mean we need to say goodbye to the romantic retreat we’ve been planning for like, ever!

Roam the romantic streets of Paris with your special someone from the comfort of your couch! Check out a virtual walking tour of the city of love and soak up all the beauty and charm that the streets of Paris have to offer. The best part about a virtual tour? It’s a lot easier to snack and sip while lounging on the couch, so don’t forget to bring along your delicious drink from the mixology class!

Have a Spa Night

Let’s not forget to send a little love to the specialist someone…YOU!

It’s so important to show our loved ones how much we care, but it’s even more important to do this for ourselves! There’s no one that deserves your love more than you, so why not show yourself some pampering? Light a candle (we love this one!), throw on a face mask (hi! ), maybe bathe in some bubbles, and let yourself know that you care. You deserve it!

How will you be spreading the love this year?

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