3 Ways to Create an At Home Date Night

Wellness3 Ways to Create an At Home Date Night

3 Ways to Create an At Home Date Night

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We all look forward to date night, but time spent with your special someone is looking a bit different these days.

Since we can’t visit our favourite date night spot, it can be challenging to find new, fun ways to spend quality time with your partner. Whether you’re stuck inside together or keeping a safe social distance, here are some fun date ideas that you can do at home, together or apart!

Have a Movie Night in the Coziest Theater Ever

Movie theatre popcorn can’t really be beat, but those less-than-comfy folding seats absolutely can! For your next at-home date night, upgrade your movie experience with the ultimate pillow palace.

Gather some of your coziest, most snuggly pillows and blankets, and build the hideaway of your dreams! In my opinion, the more pillows the better. You can take your oasis to the next level by adding twinkly lights, or a light box with a sweet message for your significant other while you press play on your favourite movie.

If you’re a socially distant couple, try Netflix Party so you can watch together while you stay apart – but don’t let the distance keep you from enjoying your DIY movie theatre! Build your cozy theaters separately and start the date with a virtual tour of your space to see who has the coziest set up.

Need some inspo? check out these pillow palace essentials:

 Host your own Top Chef Competition

Why settle for one date night when you can have two?

In this two-night, full-fledged cook off event, each partner will do a quick inventory of the kitchen and write out a list of ingredients their partner MUST use in their dish. After trading lists it’s time to get creative with your cooking and see who will come out on top as your kitchen’s own Top Chef Champion!

Both you and your partner will enjoy two delicious, unique meals, but only one will be granted ultimate bragging rights.

 Send a Date in a Box

Are you spending date night separately? Send your partner a care package with all the goodies they’ll need for the perfect virtual date! Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

Box #1: Tropical Date

Enjoy a staycation with all the tropical essentials. Kick back and relax with your best beach Zoom background and enjoy your virtual paradise!

What’s in the Box:

date night products











Box #2: Paint Night

Unleash your inner artist with an at-home paint night! Grab some paint, brushes, your favourite drink and a follow-along YouTube tutorial and you’ll have everything you need for the perfect date.

What’s in the Box:

  • Water colour paint set
  • Art paper roll
  • Seedlip. While you’re getting creative with your painting, create your own unique drink with a delicious non-alcoholic seedlip base!
  • Festive cups. You’re artistic, and your cup should be too! Maybe this tumbler will even inspire your next masterpiece?

products for date night







Which at-home date will you try?

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