How to Stroll Easy with 2 Kids in Tow

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How to Stroll Easy with 2 Kids in Tow

Mountain Buggy Nano Duo

When you have a second child (or two at the same time!), it can definitely feel a little bit overwhelming. Two children to care for, two littles to feed, bathe and clothe and two monsters to take places. TOGETHER…in two strollers?

Wait, what? No, that can’t be right. Maybe in one of those double strollers that won’t fit through any doors…or one that weighs a good 40 pounds and won’t fit in the trunk of your small, easy-to-park-in-the-city car…? It’s honestly enough to make you lose your cool some days…or to keep you housebound at the very least.

Until someone out there finally realized that this was an issue and wanted to help—at least with the getting-around-town-together struggle—which is where the Mountain Buggy nano duo™ comes in. An incredibly lightweight side-by-side stroller system that delivers the perfect solution for us city-dwelling parents when storage is at a premium and pushing two children needs to be as effortless as pushing one child always has been.

The nano duo™ double stroller easily offers solutions for siblings or twins, providing an easy-to-get-out-of-the-house experience for parents trying to live life without limits. Here’s why we think it rocks.

Easy Compact Fold

In just two simple steps and the press of two buttons, the Nano Duo folds compactly to fit in small storage spaces (like car trunks and hall closets). It also stands up on one end when folded, which is ingenious because then you don’t have to worry about the fabric getting dirty.

This double stroller comes equipped with a carry handle as well as a sturdy shoulder strap, making it perfect for quick errands around town. Whether you’re maneuvering around the city on public transportation or need to leave room in the car for whatever you might pick up on those errands (there’s no point in going to the market if you can’t fit your purchases in the trunk along with your stroller), this stroller has you covered.


Weighing in at 9kg (20lbs), the nano duo™ is one of the lightest side-by-side strollers around. And don’t think that just because it’s light that it’s not a heavyweight contender in its carrying abilities. This stroller can hold more than you’d expect, with an easily accessible and relatively large gear tray that holds up to 8kg and stores everything you may need or acquire on your adventures.

Compact with Full Size Features

At less than 30 inches across, you’d think that this stroller would lack in comfort or maneuverability, but no. Your littles get the star treatment with its extra roomy, independent seats (each of which can recline), extendable sun canopies, and independently adjustable foot rests.

In addition, it’s cleverly engineered with perfect weight distribution—meaning you can easily ‘pop’ the front wheels up onto curbs and over other obstacles. And it features built-in rear wheel suspension and swivel or lock front wheel functionality, making it an absolute breeze to push—even one-handed.

Safety Features

Even with its compact size and ease of transport, this stroller comes equipped with full-sized safety features. You’ll absolutely adore the easy-to-use 5-point harness that requires the single push of a button to release…and doesn’t take a Master of Engineering to buckle up. The easy push pedal brake will totally spoil you all summer long as it is flip-flop and sandal friendly (no more stubbed toes!), and colour coded for stop and go (no more confusion with whether or not you’ve engaged the break while on the subway or an incline).

The Mountain Buggy nano duo™ is the ideal first choice for parents looking for a compact and lightweight side-by-side solution to get out and about with their littles. Cleverly engineered, and easy to push, it will quite literally make your life with two kids easier…honestly, what more could you want?

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