10 Things To Do With Your Kids During March Break

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10 Things To Do With Your Kids During March Break

Children look forward to the week off from school just as the weather is starting to snow less and rain more. While the idea of being home sounds good, little ones often find themselves bored by the second day and are looking for some fresh, fun things to do.

If you’re looking for a list of fun things to do with your kids during the much-needed break from school, here are a mix of ideas that will stop your children from fighting with each other and save you from hearing another “I’m bored” out of their mouths.

1. Galaxy slime: Children, for whatever reason, love to get messy and galaxy slime is something they’re going to love. It’s like Playdough, but stretches and well, it looks absolutely out of this world.

2. Learn some magic: Having a few tricks up you sleeve is a cool thing to show off at school and it’s something they can commit to learn during the break. You can have fun together trying to figure out how a professional pulled off their trick and see if you can recreate it.

3. Pancake art: All kids love pancakes and there’s nothing more fun than combining food with art. While it may seem complicated, turning your breakfast into a fun piece of work is something kids can master – plus they can be in charge of the first meal of the day. Use our CMO Erin’s pancake recipe to try it for yourself!

4. March Break camps: Depending on where you live, there are some pretty awesome camps available during the time off. There are a lot of day camps or week camps, depending on your little one’s age and a lot tailor to their specific interests.

5. Play with water: There’s a lot of fascinating things about this world and water is one of them. Have fun playing with water while you’re stuck inside during break. Try the pepper trick, see what happens when you look through a class of water and learn together! Who knew water could be so amazing?

6. Go to the library: It’s surprising what fun things are available for you and your kids when you just look at what’s out there. The library usually has a lot of activities perfectly geared to children of various age groups and reading books together is fun bonding time.

7. Make fun pudding: Children are always hungry and roping them in to helping you prepare fun snacks for them is a good way to keep them fed and entertained at the same time. While they should eat mostly foods that are filled with good nutrition – something like dirt pudding with gummy worms is a fun thing to make – and eat – together.

8. Pick up some board games: There are some classic board games that you have to play with your children and no better time than when the weather has you inside during break. Sorry!, Monopoly and Guess Who are kid-friendly classics!

9. Make your own jewelry: If you’d describe your children as “crafty” there are so many fun ways they can use that part of their brain. Pick up one of these fun kits and let kids create bangles that everyone will wear with pride.

10. Eat the snow: If you still have lingering snow, turn it into something delicious like ice cream. Yep – can totally be done and it’s a fun process for kids to get involved with too. All you need is snow, vanilla and some sweetened condensed milk!

What’s your favourite thing to do with your children during break? Anything fun planned? Share in the comments.

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