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Whether you’ve tried Keto or not, by now the diet has become a household name as the diet that is high-fat and low-carbohydrates. While there’s still confusion about successful execution, we’re seeing more and more keto-friendly options replacing sugar-laden and low fat foods that just don’t meet health goals anymore. We’ll toast to that! 

Check out our top Keto staples for your pantry no matter how novice or experienced a ketotarian you are. 

1.Brooklyn Born Chocolate Himalayan Sea Salt Keto Chocolate: 

Looking to live that keto life but still have a sweet tooth? Brooklyn Born Chocolate has got you covered with delicious chocolate sweetened with monkfruit and no other added sugars! 

2. Chosen Foods Traditional Keto Mayo From Coconut Oil

Mayo makes everything better doesn’t it? Luckily this staple condiment is just dying to be keto, with egg and healthy fats at the core of what makes it so delicious. This keto mayo option is the perfect substitute, made with MCT and coconut oil with no added sugar, it’s just like the mayo you know and love but better!

3. Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing: 

From a brand we know and love for providing guilt-free alternatives to some of our must have condiments and sides, this creamy dressing is that classic ranch flavour you love, without the unhealthy ingredients. Low in sugar and made with avocado oil, this salad dressing will elevate your salad and become a staple in your keto lifestyle. 

4. Keto Munch Chocolate Chip Cookies: 

Low in net carbs but taste like the real deal! These cookies go great with a coffee for breakfast, a snack during the day or an after dinner treat! This keto treat will keep you on track and add some deliciousness to your routine. 

5. Partake Brewing:

Beer is a keto no-no as this extremely high carb beverage is strictly off the list, but it can be difficult for most people to give up cold turkey. If you’re still looking to participate, or are just missing a nice cold one from time to time, Parktake Brewing offers a non-alcoholic option that has the full flavour of beer with only 10 calories and significantly lower net carbs. 

6. Good to Go Keto Bar Cocoa Coconut

This soft baked bar offers a great on the go snack option that is unique to other snack bars.  With its cake-like texture and low sugar, it curbs that sweet tooth and keeps you fueled during your busy days! 

7. Fatso High Performance Crunchy Salted Caramel Peanut Butter:

The more fats the better when on the keto diet and this peanut butter is a delicious way to get those healthy fats.  Loaded with plant based superfats including coconut oil, avocado oil, and MCT oil, plus a hit of natural sweetness from Tapioca fibre (which also acts as a prebiotic). The possibilities with this peanut butter are endless, it’s great for smoothies, dips, or straight out of the jar! 

8. SweetMonk Liquid Monk Fruit Natural Sugar Alternative

Keto diet can be difficult for those with a sweet tooth, this liquid monk fruit sweetener is 100% natural with zero calories and is the perfect go-with product for sweetening on the go. Try it in your coffee, tea, yogurt, smoothies, and more!

9. Laird Superfood Unsweetened Original Creamer

We love this product because it not only provides a delicious dairy-free, vegan and gluten-free creamer option for coffee and tea, but it’s blend of coconut milk powder, coconut oil and Aquamin™ is actually good for you, providing vital minerals such as calcium.

10. Love Good Fats Rich Chocolatey Almond Bar

Love Good Fats gets that fats are important, and sugar is passé, and we’ve been loving their deliciously decadent and low-sugar protein bars for years! Possibly our favourite ever, this rich almond bar is loaded with creamy chocolate and crunchy pieces of almonds. Keto, chocolatey and delicious, what more could we want?

These keto-approved pantry staples are just a few of the many healthy choices available at Well.ca—check out our Keto shop for even more keto-friendly foods! If your pantry is stocked and you’re hungry for recipe ideas, try these 10 healthy keto recipes.

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