10 Easy Product Swaps to Help You Reduce Waste

Sustainable Living10 Easy Product Swaps to Help You Reduce Waste

10 Easy Product Swaps to Help You Reduce Waste

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Just because Earth Month is over doesn’t mean we’re giving up our efforts to reduce waste, find sustainable swaps, and reduce our environmental footprint. Keep reading to learn about our tried and true sustainable essentials, plus a few new arrivals we’re really excited about.

Ten and Co. Sponge Cloth Fern

These eco-friendly sponge cloths will clean all kitchen and bath surfaces without streaking. The cloth is naturally antibacterial due to its quick drying ability and can be washed in the dishwasher or washing machine (just steer clear or the dryer). Best part? When you are done with these multi-use cloths, they are 100% biodegradable and can be thrown away with compostable waste. 

Abeego Variety Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap

Made in Canada, Abeego is the original all natural beeswax food wrap. Really – throw away your seran wrap, you don’t need it anymore. Not only do these multi-sized items mould to fit any veggie, fruit or bowl, but it breathes to preserve food longer. A must-have for any kitchen!

Unwrapped Life The Healer Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Unwrapped Life has partnered with Plastic Bank® to help stop ocean plastic while improving the lives of collector communities. Together, they’re on a mission to prevent over 2.5 million plastic bottles from entering the ocean, with the launch of this limited-edition shampoo + conditioner bar set, “The Healer“– each purchase of The Healer, prevents 1,000 plastic bottles from entering the ocean.

Well Kept Cream Safety Razor

A safety razor is a beautiful, eco-friendly way to reduce plastic waste. They offer a superior shave with reduced irritation, and can be more cost-effective in the long run. Not sure where to start? watch our How to Use a Safety Razor video, here.

Routine Moon Sisters – Stick Deodorant

Taking natural deodorant to a whole other level, Routine’s new Stick format is Cardboard on the outside, 100% post consumer recycled plastic on the inside. Rest easy knowing you’re odour and waste-free.

Kind Laundry Detergent Sheets Fragrance Free

Sick of lugging around Laundry Detergent, messy spills, and bulk, wasteful plastic packaging – yeah us too. That’s why we love these genius laundry strips that solve all the detergent woes. The pre-measured sheets are made with only 4 simple ingredients but still packs strong cleaning power.

flip & tumble Produce Bags

An absolute staple in our sustainable arsenal, we bring these with us on any shopping trip to save our produce from being wrapped in those single-use plastic bags we all hate. They’re also perfect for anything from farmer’s markets to foraging – whatever floats your boat.

Stasher Reusable Bundle

Another core Sustainable must-have, this Stasher starter bundle is perfect for storing left overs, travel essentials and more. They create an airtight seal so you don’t have to worry about food going stale, and are made with 100% pure platinum silicone.

ATTITUDE Nature+ Bulk To Go Dishwashing Liquid Citrus Zest

We already loved ATTITUDE’s Dishwashing Liquid because it uses only worry-free, plant and mineral-based hypoallergenic ingredients that are 100% safe for your family and now – we love that we can Buy Bulk in non-plastic packaging AND each purchase from ATTITUDE plants a tree. Win all around.

The Swag Produce Bag Large Aqua Trim

Quickly becoming our favourite new sustainability hack, The Swag keeps produce fresh, crisp and happy for weeks – allowing you to waste less, save money and help the planet! The Swag can be used for a variety of fruit & vegetables all at once!


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