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Giving gifts is almost as fun as getting them – and baby shower gifts are no exception. Finding the perfect gift for any new mom-to-be means hunting through adorable booties, onesies, and of course – some more practical items. To help you on your hunt, we’ve rounded up the 10 best baby shower gift ideas that are sure to delight expecting parents.

Eve Gane | Blogger | Close to Simple
Ever feel like there’s a new beauty ingredient you can’t stop seeing and hearing about? That all of the sudden it’s in every product and all over your Instagram feed? This is what our Beauty Buzzwords series is all about – to help you learn more about these mysterious ingredients and why everyone is raving about them. Next up is squalane oil, the new hydrator on the block that’s suitable for ALL skin types and might just overthrow coconut oil as the most multipurpose beauty oil!

Sponsored by Living Alchemy Today, many of us take a daily probiotic supplement, but did you know that fermented foods can be thought of as the probiotics of our ancestors? About 40% of their diet was fermented foods. While they used fermentation to help preserve food, knowingly or unknowingly, they were also providing thousands of complex nutrients, including microbes, to their bodies not found in any other foods. Flash forward to today’s North American diet, and we’re lucky to get one serving of good quality fermented foods in a week, maybe a month! So, what’s so great about fermented foods anyway and why do we need them for optimal health? The Little Guys: Yeast and Bacteria First of all, fermented foods are chock full of beneficial yeast and bacteria. Yes, yeast too. It’s important to know that your gut flora is made up of thousands of different types of beneficial yeasts and bacteria all...

Dr. Laura Belus | Naturopathic Doctor
As a practicing naturopathic doctor, I’m often asked: “Aren’t all vitamins the same?” and “Why would I spend more when I get something similar for much less?” The question about why some nutritional supplements are more expensive than others is a complex one. Instead of asking, “why are these so expensive?” you might consider asking, “why are these so cheap?” Either way, the differences between professional quality products versus others are important when it comes to your health, so let’s explore a few factors that are particularly worth discussing.