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Top 5 Exercise Classes Round-up


A little while ago, we asked some our customers what their favourite exercise classes were. Now that 2018 is here and we’re all about New Year’s Resolutions, let’s take a look at the most popular picks – maybe this will inspire all of you to try something new! (We have also included some studio picks for the Toronto community – and some that are nationwide!)


Yoga has so, so many benefits! It helps increase your strength, flexibility, muscle tone, and posture. If you’re not used to working out but would like to try an exercise class, yoga is a great place to start as it has a low risk of injury. Combining meditation, relaxation, and exercise, the purpose of yoga is to unite the mind and body and to heal and balance the body.

If you’re in Toronto, you have to check out 889 community – the stunning (read: Instagrammable) studio is just north of Yonge and Bloor. They are known for their yoga classes but they also offer meditation, Pilates, barre, and pre/post-natal classes for mamas!

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Pilates is like yoga’s cousin. It also improves your strength, flexibility, muscle tone, and posture. And like yoga, the exercises are done on a mat. The main differences are that there can be machines involved in Pilates and the focus is more on the core strength of the body. Rather than picking one or the other, a lot of people enjoy doing both yoga and Pilates!

If you’re in Toronto, head over to Body Mason in Rosedale and you won’t be disappointed. They are a Pilates-only studio with all the equipment you’ll ever need. Not only do they offer different levels of classes and one-on-one lessons, they also offer Pilates retreats overseas!

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You might want to try out Zumba if you prefer something a little bit more upbeat. It’s an aerobic fitness dance inspired by Latin dances like salsa, mamba, merengue, and samba. And to those who don’t normally like to exercise but still want to try something fun and motivating, Zumba is a great choice! It’s also pretty free flowing, so don’t worry about missing a step or a beat.

If you live in downtown Toronto, you may have heard of Elle Fitness on King West. It’s a women-only fitness studio that offers a variety of group classes. They have a killer Zumba class that is highly-rated called “Pop Zumba” that features Latin and international music!


Not into dance? How about cycling? Spin is a specific format of indoor cycling – a cardio workout that combines cycling, arm workouts, invigorating music, and sometimes – a disco ball! Each and every spin class is different depending on the instructor, the studio, and the playlist. But one thing that’s for sure is that it provides a motivating environment for you to work hard!

We’re recommending Spinco for our spin class pick – they’re the largest Canadian spin studio and will soon have 9 locations nationwide! With a “one team, one bike” mantra, you’ll be sure to get the most motivating workout. My personal favourite instructor (from the uptown Toronto location) is Marlie, who is also the blogger from the health and lifestyle blog Kale and Krunches. She’s really motivating, always has a great playlist, and I’ve never left her class without dripping in sweat!

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5. Water Aerobics

Water aerobics, like its name suggests, is aerobic exercise done in water. It’s a kind of resistance training and it comes in quite a few different forms, such as yoga, cycling, jogging, etc. In comparison to doing these exercises the “traditional” way, moving your body in water is less straining on your muscles, joints, and bones – so you can have an intense workout with less strain on your body.

Water Aerobics is unfortunately not too common in Canada – but some Goodlife Fitness locations have it and they call it Aqua Fitness. They offer a few different kinds of classes in the category – including Zumba!

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