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cleansing for newbies

Cleansing for Newbies

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What is the Ripple Effect?

When a pebble is dropped into a pond, it makes a series of ever-expanding ripples. This principle, known as the “Ripple Effect”, also applies to the body’s ability to heal and function optimally. Eating a properly balanced high-fibre diet, supporting the digestive system and cleansing regularly is like dropping a pebble into a pond: it creates a healthy “Ripple Effect” in your body. Regular use of the ReCleanse Whole-Body Cleansing and Rejuvenation Program will support the natural, ongoing processes of digestion, elimination and detoxification. Start your own “Ripple Effect” today with ReCleanse!

pH: for cleansing and good health!

Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits while reducing refined sugars and other carbs will help keep your pH balanced and your body in a more alkaline state.

Why is this so important?

Most of the activity in our body and cells tends to contribute to acidity. The body constantly strives to neutralise this tendency to keep blood pH in the healthy range. Our blood, must remain slightly alkaline (between 7.35-7.45) in order to provide the benefits of a healthy circulatory system and enzyme activity. Slight deviations of pH result in failure in the body’s detoxification systems.

By choosing to eat foods that avoid contributions to acidity we are supporting the body’s neutralisation process, by helping it stay in the healthy pH range with less work and strain. We get to feel the benefit of this support in the form of improved energy, fat management, brain acuity, skin and hair health and better immunity.

Interesting Fact

Lemon juice contains citric acid but when it is digested it becomes alkaline; so a lemon is considered an alkaline food.

Macronutrient Balance

FAT PROTEIN CARBS at every meal

While many diets and cleanses report to provide the best benefits by eliminating many types of food – in some cases entire groups of foods (i.e., carbohydrates) – the ReCleanse program is designed to honour the fact that the human body requires a daily supply of healthy food choices in all three of the macro-nutrient categories: fat, protein and carbohydrates.  The absence or limitation of any one of these macronutrients can cause metabolic disarray and a decline in health from optimal levels.


Eating the right types of fat is crucial for maintaining health as it helps the body regulate blood sugar and keeps the skin and other tissues lubricated. Using cold-pressed, unrefined oils in food preparation is absolutely necessary as well as making sure to regularly eat foods that are rich in heart-healthy omega-3’s like DHA and EPA. It is best to keep saturated fats to a minimum and focus on healthy oils such as olive,


Protein is the building block of most body tissues and hormones. Ensuring  adequate protein intake means the body will have the tools (i.e., amino acids) to rebuild healthy tissue and maintain proper hormone balance. Many people admit they have a hard time getting enough high quality protein. The key to choosing protein sources is, after all, quality.   Low quality or low BV  protein can contribute to body pH alterations, ammonia accumulation, and toxicity.  High biological value (BV) protein sources are easily used by the body to help heal, restore,  regenerate and recover cells and  tissues.  Higher BV protein sources do not leave behind ammonia residues during cellular processing and therefore do not contribute to toxicity.


Even though the recent trend has been to reduce or eliminate carbohydrates altogether, they are necessary for energy production.  Limitation of carbohydrate intake actually contributes to body toxicity by promoting a state called ketosis.
Ketone bodies produced with low to zero carbohydrate diets change the pH of the  body and contribute to toxicity.  Choosing the right carbohydrate sources will add much beneficial fibre to the diet, fuel the brain to keep it alert and awake, and it will fuel the cleansing objective.  Quality fibre is critical to the cleansing objective.

  • Gladys McLellan
    Posted at 18:15h, 07 February Reply

    Enjoyed the article. Very little is ever said about inflammation and since this seems to be something that results in many diseases. Would like to read something about it. I have RA and had it for a number of years. – have also had bad bouts of very severe sinus problems. Would
    Like to read what you know about inflammation.

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